Must-Have Items for New Homeowners


While you may not be a big Do-It-Yourselfer when it comes to home repair and renovation, there are some must-have items for your home which can make you happier, safer, and a little bit handier. An informal survey of new homeowners I’ve worked with has revealed the following items to be among the most important when it comes to adding convenience and piece-of-mind to the home ownership experience.


You may already have some of these items, but when you move, the old versions may not quite meet the needs of your new space. Check out this list and see what you might need to add or update before you move:

1. Fire extinguisher. The kitchen sink spray hose or a bucket of water isn’t enough to put out a fire before it gets out of control. Do yourself a favor and refresh your fire extinguisher. Having multiple fire extinguishers is a good idea, as there are different types for different types of fires. Keep extinguishers designed to put out cooking oil fires in the kitchen and station a few more general-purpose extinguishers throughout your home.

2. Ladders. It’s a good idea to have a few ladders in your house. One for rooftop access, a sturdy step-ladder with four feet, and a smaller leaning ladder you can prop up against walls indoors. Be sure to check the weight ratings for the ladders to make sure you have one which will support your weight plus anything you may carry up with you.

3. Wet/Dry Shop Vac. It may sound like a luxury, but as many a homeowner will tell you the all-purpose shop vac van be a total lifesaver when it comes to cleaning up spills. Drop a bunch of small screws? No problem. Tip over a paint can? This can handle it.

4. Extension Cords & Cord Organizer. Don’t be one of those people with a giant knot of cords tucked in a drawer. Instead, splurge on an extension cord organizer and make sure you have a range of lengths and uses available. Four or five should be enough, and make sure at least one of the cords is rated for heavy-duty usage in order to prevent accidental fires.

5. Bonus Tools. You probably have some of the basics such as a hammer, screwdriver, drill, etc., but there are a handful of helpers which can make all the difference in a minor project. For example: A headlamp can help you keep your hands-free while working in darkened areas such as under sinks and closets. A stud finder will allow you to hang shelves and art confidently. A crowbar with a curved end for nails and a flat end for removing trim and drywall will save you frustrating screwdriver work.